Dream-mail is the only dream donation initiative in the world. People who do not remember what they have dreamed can get a dream to call their own. All the dreams on the project were actually dreamed, and are sent to recipients via regular post office mail.

The mechanics of transplant are simple: the author of the project writes down the dreams he had when he wakes up, puts it in an envelope and mails it to the first person on the waiting list. Once the recipient gets the letter, he or she must put it on the bedside table to read it only when waking up the next day.

Each dream is sent only once. Both the dreams and the postage are free of charge.



The project was created by Eduardo Menezes, who is also responsable for the dreams, and sleeps about 7 hours a day. The exclusivity of the dreams guarantees the high quality standard and credibility of Dream-mail, as it also impacts on how fast they are delivered to the recipients.

The project was conceived and lauched in 2013. For real-life reasons, it went through a hibernation period until December 2017, when it was reactivated.

+55 51 99828 1920



185 dreams donated
2077 people in queue

Last updated: April 2018